Monday, 14 March 2011

A Terribly English Affair And A Dream Come True!

Last Tuesday IMC was the location for a celebration of all things English in honour of the impending departure of our American friends. For the last 6 weeks a group of American drama students have been studying Shakespeare and the sound of old English verse, or the cries of battle have been frequently heard in the corridors and rooms of IMC.

But yesterday, this was interrupted with a fine English Cream Tea served during coffee break. The somewhat passionate arguments of Clotted Cream before Jam on your scone, or vice versa, ensured there was no danger of the event becoming too genteel. 

Following a freshly mowed lawn, during which I achieved one of my life long goals; to drive a Sit- On mower (!!!!!!), the afternoon saw a friendly game of cricket, enjoyed under the beautiful spring time sun! I even bowled someone out on my first throw! A proud moment, unfortunately, this truly was beginners luck and the quality of my cricketing after this was somewhat lacking! But overall, a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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