Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lists of Lists!

Being flexible and ready for anything are some of those qualities that are useful when working overseas and with this knowledge I try to remain open minded about what could happen. However I was still caught off guard when my team leader phoned me last week to announce that a different language school has been found for me to study at… in Chad. This means that following 3 weeks summer school in Paris for intensive language training, I will not be staying on for another term as originally planned, but instead will be going to Chad earlier than expected. Mid-September is now my due date for departure! Suddenly the stark reality of my lack of language has struck, as has the enormity of all that is required to organise- the need for writing lists has taken over!!

I feel really excited at the prospect of going to Chad sooner than planned and this presents me with the opportunity to get stuck into the culture and begin to make friends before getting too involved in hospital life. But as for here and now, there’s plenty for me to do…

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