Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sharing The ChAdventure

Rush hour
Its only been four weeks, but how quickly the intense heat and the all consuming dust fade into vague memories... surely it can't have been that bad!?! The people I've met, the many many experiences I've had and the love I now have for Chad and its people will however continue and will probably never truly leave me. The final week was a busy whirlwind of activity, packing up my house and bags, tying up loose ends, but in the busyness I was able to say goodbye to friends and even manage to enjoy for the last time the unique experience of the Chadian rush hour...

A post ward round celebration with the nurses
on my last day of work

A good bye party with the hospital staff, complete with cake
(I couldn't say it was a 100% sweat free cake, but near enough...)

Packing, while feeling the heat.....

This will be my last post and far from having anything particularly ground breaking or inspirational to write, I just want to say two simple words; Thank you.

Thank you for the interest, support and encouragement you have shown me over the past 5 years, in other words, thank you for sharing in my ChAdventure! (Sorry, but I'm chuffed with that word!) For those of you who would like to hear some more of my ChAdventure (you bored of it yet?), I have the upcoming speaking dates lined up and would love to see you there:

  • Thurs 9th July, 14.30, Rugby BC
  • Sun 12 July, 9.30am and 11.15am, Guiseley BC
  • Sun 19th July, 10.45, Abbey Centre, Northampton
  • Sat 25th July, pm, Budleigh Salterton BC
  • Sun 26th July, 10.30am, Budleigh Salterton BC
  • Fri 31st July, 19.00, Earl Shilton BC, Leicester
  • Sun 2nd Aug, 10.30 and 18.30 Didcot BC

 Its been a strange mix of emotions coming home; excitement, apprehension, guilt and joy. But now its time for the next adventure, wherever and whatever that may be.....

Receiving a warm welcome back to the UK

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