Thursday, 29 November 2012

A crazy last hour or two of a busy day

Two babies: 1 born today 2 months premature and oxygen dependent. The other, 5 days old just out of the operating room following a formation of a colostomy and who suddenly stopped breathing. 

1 oxygen concentrator, 1 sats probe to measure their oxygen levels and an ambu bag. 

Queue what would have been a scene of comedy, if it hadn't of been so critical, of lining babies next to each other, equipment between them, giving each baby a turn and attention depending on which was the most serious at the time!

It was evident that we needed a way to give both babies oxygen. With a bit of creativity and a modified nasal cannula, I was able to construct something that worked well while the resuscitations continued.

Sometime later,  they were both looking pinker and stronger, and although the premature baby continues to need oxygen, they were both maintaining good oxygen levels.

Now to move them to a place where they can be cared for during the night.

Shifting patients around freed up a bed on the ward, a generator with fuel found, extension leads located and with precision planning of a military operation, one person grabbed the heavy oxygen concentrator, I and another nurse carried a baby each and then after a count of three, we were off. In record time, the babies were safe on a bed, receiving oxygen, having their oxygen levels checked.

By this time the day light was going, so we finished setting them up for the night wrapped up in hats, woolly jumpers, socks and blankets by torch light, both breathing well.

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