Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Calm Before The Storm…

Being Commissioned at the Assembly

While I refer to it as the “calm”, the past few weeks since finishing at IMC have been action packed, starting off in sunny Blackpool with the official BMS ‘Commissioning’ ceremony. This is basically when people say “Ok, you’ve been trained up, now get on with it, get overseas and lets see what’s going to happen”- a very exciting, poignant, if a little terrifying moment!

Following Blackpool I’ve been ferrying between the South to see family, catch up with supporters, and the North to see friends both in Leeds and away in various pretty locations where I have been making the most of the beautiful green, lush, English country side!
A weekend in Ingelton

But all this busy ‘resting’ is about to come to an end. In a bid to keep people up dated on my movements, my itinerary for the next 4 months is listed below:

13th June- 1st July. Liverpool to complete a Diploma in Tropical Nursing (this is very exciting although while completing my Pre Course Workbook and reading up on parasites this week I frequently found myself doing so through half closed eyes while squealing and wringing my hands!!)

2nd- 6th July. Mali. BMS run frequent retreats for their overseas workers to offer them a time of rest and refreshment. I am joining the West Africa Retreat to have fun with the children while the adults have various sessions (I think I have the good end of the deal!).

6th-9th July. Massey, Paris. I have a couple of days to get into the Parisian way of life prior to….

10th- 29th July. Les Cedres Language School, Massey, Paris. Yes, that’s right people, the dreaded language training commences!!!!

29th July- Mid August. Various locations around France. I take a well earned rest and enjoy the delights of France… I mean, I continue my cultural and language training by fully immersing myself into French society.

15th September. I FLY TO CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s no ignoring it now, the flights are booked.

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