Sunday, 30 January 2011

Life as a Student at IMC

So, a quick summary of what I've been up to from September last year to now...
IMC, my new home!

The transition from long tiring A&E shifts, a busy social life, a place I'd called home for 10 years, to the life of a student at IMC in Birmingham, where I was being 'Trained Up' in preparation for moving to live and work in Chad, was exciting yet harder than expected. What was going on? Who were all these people? Why was I here? Have I made the right decision? (The answer is 'yes' by the way!)

Thankfully the transition to my new life was helped by the surprising normal- ness of the other students here (!) who are likewise are training to work in various countries and also enjoy any opportunity to dress up and have party! Hence, an early Christmas Party was organised for the gap year students before they left for their 6 months overseas, including a nativity play with a difference starring a gruffalo, an octopus and a lobster...

For me, the highlight of last term, was the 1920's party for mine and 2 other trainees joint 30th Birthdays, as well as an end of term celebration. The band was fantastic and the costumes impressive, as were some of the dance moves!!

But between all the partying there was some serious work to be done! Lectures, such as cross cultural working were immediately put into practice outside the lecture room when trying to communicate with the Action Teamers who spent most of their time behind their phones and laptops.... when did I become so old and grumpy?! Other lectures on 'Saying your Goodbyes Well' left me quaking in my boots; “do I really want to do this?”. Yet in comparison, stories told by the Regional Team Leaders of all that BMS is involved in across the world, raised my expectations and impatience to get on with it!

IMC as a place to call home is not so bad either and even in the everyday we are prepared for overseas life. The sweltering temperature of my bedroom, in comparison to the little ice box that was my home before, has significantly raised my internal thermometer in preparation for the high temperatures of Chad, while the immense cooking from Kat is adding to the reserves in anticipation of the inevitable bouts of D&V that await! The only thing missing is access to a sandpit to practice those sandcastles.....

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